RONA – a glassworks employing over 1000 people in the heart of the European Union, in the Slovak Republic. Its history reaches back to 1892 when it was established by the
Schreiber family, once the most prominent glass producer in Europe, in a region where the production of glass traditionally fl ourished all the way back to the Bronze Age. This was due to a fortunate combination of a heavily forested landscape and the availability of silica sand and fi reproof clay - the basic raw materials needed for early glass production. Only a few of the seventy glassworks originally existing in the area survive today but those who do now belong to the avant-garde of modern glass production. The path of RONA has been paved with successes starting with a silver medal awarded to the glassworks’ predecessor during the World Exhibition in Paris in 1867, or the very rarely awarded Honorary Diploma in the World Exhibition in Vienna, to RONA's presentation at the Expo exhibition in Shanghai in 2010, and attendance at the outstanding events of today´s glass world, including major exhibitions around the globe.
Since the very beginning, RONA utilized cutting edge technology and was a leader in glass production. RONA introduced many technological improvements that were significant for the development of the whole glass industry. RONA was the fi rst glassworks in the Austro-Hungarian monarchy to launch the production of pressed glass back in 1893. RONA introduced the sophisticated pantograph decoration technology in 1896 when it put into operation the pantograph machinery made in England as the first glassworks on the European continent to do so. Then in 1956 RONA was the fi rst factory in the world to implement and refi ne the commercial production of handmade
stemware using the pulled stem process mimicked today by all serious manufacturers of handmade stemware. And in 2001 RONA introduced, as the first glass manufacturer worldwide, the commercial production of machine made “blow-blow technology” pulled stemware. This technology, ranked among the most progressive methods of drinking glass production, together with the introduction of the laser treatment of the rims, gave RONA the expertise to bring the production of the glassware for the foodservice industry to a completely new level.
RONA – a synonym for a reliable and devoted partner with a rich history, responsible environmental policy, clear ownership structure, and output exceeding 70 million pieces of high quality crystalline glassware, certifi ed by quality control ISO 9002.