It is indeed not easy to fi nd a manufacturer of drinking glassware more concentrated on providing the best service to the hospitality industry than RONA today. Our in house designers, fully aware of the specifi c needs of the professional hotel and restaurant industry, have been honoured with international awards such as the “Design Plus” or “Form” prize. RONA laboratories work on constant improvement of all relevant features of its glassware and guarantee a quality control according to AQL 2,5 criteria. The most developed technology combination of the pulled stem and laser treatment provides the highest quality crystalline glassware, developed and made specifi cally for the professional service. From the design to the fi nal execution RONA produces only fully professional glassware which is extremely resistant and resilient for the hospitality industry under the “RONA 5 Star Glass” brand. RONA naturally warehouses all hotel and restaurant glassware ready for prompt shipment in its sophisticated logistics centre. Customer service is provided by fully qualifi ed personnel who understand the industry and can anticipate the future development of the markets.