KSI® is specialized in developing high-end table lamps which convey the exclusiveness of restaurants or terraces. The endless variety of colors combined with the high-end natural materials of our lamp bodies will fascinate your most demanding guests.The materials used are renewable precious wood, massive brass with eco friendly finishing or exclusive mineral materials like Corian®.KSI designer lamps are produced in Germany, if needed individually according to your specification. KSI® lamps operate either with cordless rechargeable batteries or KSI® Hydrocarbon oil cartridges with a real flame. The cordless and rechargeable KSI® - lamps burn for 100 hours. Charging takes only 90 minutes. This results in the fact that you have almost no operating costs for approximately the next 10 years!The KSI® real flame lamps work with the original KSI® hydrocarbon cartridges. They burn for about 40 hours without causing soot, smoke or candle wax. 

Table lighting